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Step by Step Guide to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 11
  • 50 Minutes

'Be the Best Version of You'

  • Understand the fundamentals of Diabetes Management
  • What changes are required for Food Modification
  • What changes are required for Lifestyle Modification
  • How to be the Best Version of You
  • How to implement the Modifications in daily life
  • How to manage your Sugar levels through food and lifestyle modifications

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 6
  • 29 Minutes

Detoxify your body with herbs

  • Introduction about the course
  • What are toxic substances?
  • Sources through which toxins enter our body
  • Why we need to detox our body?
  • How we can protect ourselves from toxins?
  • Herbal treatment of detoxification and benefits of detoxification
Reverse PCOS in Easy 10 Steps Through Natural Way

Last Updated: 29th March 2023

  • Classes: 9
  • 41 Minutes

How to Reverse PCOS: The Holistic Approach

  • Know about PCOS and its Symptoms
  • What causes PCOS and how to find out your own reason for PCOS
  • How to deal with insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance and stuck weight.
  • Researched based herbs which help in PCOS
  • what type of Diet you should have in PCOS. know about the food combination that is very effective in PCOS.
  • PCOS Diet Plan- learn how to make your own diet plan
  • life style modifications techniques- learn which yogasana is helpful in irregular periods, hormonal balance. Pranayama...
  • Life style hacks or Tips for daily life to reach your goal of weight loss, how to change your habits and reducing stres...
  • Life style hacks or Tips for daily life to reach your goal of weight loss, how to change your habits and reducing stres...
Say Goodbye: Reduce or eliminate PCOD/PCOS with simple guide

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 11
  • 30 Minutes

Goodbye PCOD/PCOS Reduce or eliminate PCOD/PCOS symptoms

  • Know more about : What is PCOD/PCOS?
  • Learn the difference between PCOD/PCOS
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of PCOD/PCOS
  • Find the causes of PCOD/PCOS
  • Learn more common Myths and Facts about PCOD/PCOS
  • What are the Do's and Don'ts for lifestyle management?
  • Know more about Diet and Nutritional tips
  • Which food should consume or avoid?
  • What are the best yoga asanas to treat symptoms of PCOD/PCOS?
  • Simple meal plan to treat PCOD/PCOS
  • Know more about probiotics
  • Conclusion of this course
Balanced Diet - How Nutrients Shape You

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 10
  • 32 Minutes

Understand the basics of nutrition.

  • Concept of good health status, poor health status, malnutrition, and under-nutrition.
  • Nutrients and their types.
  • Nutrients and their major functions in our body.
  • Concept of food groups and the food pyramid, along with the RDA.
  • Signs of good health and general tips to improve or maintain good health.
Immunity Ignition Program

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 6
  • 42 Minutes

Boost Your immunity in 5 simple Steps

  • How the immune system works?
  • Factors that impact immune health
  • Natural ways to support immune health
  • The impact of stress
  • The importance of sleep
  • How to recognize immune system dysfunction?
  • The importance of a healthy diet
  • The role of exercise
Reversing Childhood Obesity

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 6
  • 33 Minutes

A Holistic Approach in Reversing Childhood Obesity [ Role of Parents ]

  • Learn about obesity, its types and assessment.
  • Learn about how to identify whether a child is overweight or obese through certain symptoms.
  • The way Childhood Obesity is becoming a new Pandemic.
  • Know about the determinants of childhood obesity.
  • Learn about the potential consequences of childhood obesity.
  • Learn about how parental involvement can help in reversing childhood obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle.
By Dt Shama
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Holistic Weight loss Detox

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 7
  • 34 Minutes

You May Remove Bodily Toxins with Diet and Lifestyle Changes Over time, our bodies slowly pick up toxins − small molecules, peptides, or proteins that cause disease − in many different ways, such as eating or inhaling them. Some believe these toxins can strain our organ systems − especially the liver, the main point of detoxification in our bodies − and eventually cause serious health issues, like depression and joint pain. As healthcare professionals believe, that holistic cleanses and detoxifications (detox) can remove toxins from your body.

  • You will learn how to do a precise and deep detox that will improve your health.
  • You will gain the tools to lose weight immediately.
  • You will know how to clean out and restart your system.
  • You will know how to test and rid of parasites from your body and life.
  • You will know how to stop sugar and carb cravings for good.
  • You will know how to eat the exact foods in your body according to your blood type.
  • You will know the true meaning of diet for the first time in your life.
Role of Nutrition in Age Reversal

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 5
  • 35 Minutes

Healthy diet and nutrition are able to arrest progression of disease, and even reverse ageing.

Diet Secrets to Reverse Diabetes

Last Updated: 22nd March 2023

  • Classes: 12
  • 42.43000000000001 Minutes

Restore - Normal Blood Sugar Levels

  • Understand Diabetes, and what happens in your body if you are diabetic or prediabetic, which is important for you to ma...
  • You will be able to set goals for making positive diet changes.
  • You will be able to create and design a balanced diet meal for you and your family.
  • You will lose weight if you are overweight.
  • You will reverse your diabetes by yourself.
Learn to eat healthy in Diabetes.

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 7
  • 19 Minutes

Solution to all your questions related to diabetes.

  • Develop basic understanding of diabetes and nutrition.
  • Learn about different food groups and their role in diabetes.
  • Debunk some of the most common myths related to diabetes.
  • Know about superfoods that are very much helpful in controlling blood sugar level.
  • Sample diet plan for diabetes.
By Dietitian Pooja
  • (29 Reviews)
Balanced nutrition: how to stay away from lifestyle diseases

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 12
  • 48 Minutes

"by eating pure food, the mind becomes pure" diet modification.

  • What is life style diseases
  • Statistics of life style diseases
  • How much major life style disorders are happening now a days.
  • Causes of life style diseases
  • What is globalization
  • About balanced nutrition
  • Motivation and life style modification: Energy expenditure
  • unhealthy food habits
  • Learn how to calculate your BMI, BEE, IBW
  • Learn how to calculate your daily calories requirement
  • Which exercise you should do daily
  • Food exchange list: How to create menu plan your self
  • Balanced diet chart and menu plan for you
How to hold on to your favorite weight? Learn the tricks!.!.

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 11
  • 20.4 Minutes

I am a Registered Dietician and Doctorate in Food Science and Nutrition. Offering this course, is my attempt to reach out to more and more people to be able to assist them in holding back their favorite weight that they achieved with many efforts. I feel with a quality guidance from me and an honest effort from you, we can overcome all your health qualms.

  • About method of detoxification of body
  • Learn breathing techniques supportive for weight loss.
  • Learn about a balanced diet plan for weight control and maintain good health.
  • About fine tuning of the regime in terms of individual tolerance and body strength.
  • Learn the techniques of balancing the deviations and compensations.
  • Adopt few pearls of wisdom for healthy and happy life ahead.
Immunity - Enhance your Immunity Naturally

Last Updated: 17th March 2023

  • Classes: 7
  • 60.18 Minutes

Live a healthy disease free life

  • A detailed understanding of the meaning of Immunity
  • An insight to what is our basic immune system
  • Easy to follow tips to live a disease free life.
  • How to Enhance Immunity Naturally with diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Easy tips to deal with cough,cold and congestion without strong medication
  • You will be well equipped to become healthy internally and externally.
Type 2 Diabetes: Simple Rules of Diet

Last Updated: 8th March 2023

  • Classes: 7
  • 32 Minutes

Cut down your blood sugar level easily with diet

  • Awareness about Type 2 Diabetes
  • Learn to select appropriate meal planning method to achieve optimal health for the person with diabetes
  • Learn about need of physicak activity
  • learn about myths and facts amoung diabetic people
  • learn to devlop diet plan according to person's need
By Tejal
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Balanced Diet and 7 major food groups

Last Updated: 19th March 2023

  • Classes: 0
  • 0 Minutes

How to loose weight with the help of balanced-diet and healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Keys: Lose Weight Naturally Without "Dieting"

Last Updated: 29th March 2023

  • Classes: 8
  • 30 Minutes

Weight management is possible without "Dieting"

  • Learn about basic changes in daily life
  • Learn to correct the wrong lifestyle
  • Importance of simple things in weight loss journey
  • How other factors affect body weight
  • Focus on many factors other than eating
  • What should include in food
  • Basic fundamentals of weight loss journey
Do You Fulfil Your Child's Nutrition Requirement?

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 5
  • 37.870000000000005 Minutes

Fulfil your child's requirement by improving their eating habits and pattern

  • Child nutrition and importance
  • How to Make children's life a healthy life
  • what are the key factor to develop eating pattern
How To Reverse PCOS Naturally

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 9
  • 21 Minutes

PCOS: A Lifestyle disorder

  • Introduction about Course
  • Understand the fundamental of PCOS.
  • Understand the clinical and biochemical features of PCOS and how its affect the body.
  • Understand what are symptoms that you can identify at home
  • Get access to PCOS friendly healthy diet and physical workout, to help you mange and reverse with PCOS
  • What are the other health issues develop due to PCOS.
  • Myths and Facts about PCOS
By Dr. Rashie
  • (9 Reviews)
Decoding Type 2 Diabetes

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 6
  • 71 Minutes

Type 2 diabetes can be easily prevented, managed and reverted with the help of dietary and lifestyle changes which will help you to live a healthy, medicine free, complication free life.

  • In this course you will learn how to Prevent, Manage or Reverse type 2 diabetes with simple nutritional and lifestyle ch...
  • The Science behind blood sugar imbalances.
  • Difference between Type 1 vs Type 2 diabetes.
  • The Insulin-Diabetes connection.
  • Warning Signs & Symptoms of diabetes and Complications of uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Understanding Carbohydrates, Glycemic index and glycemic load.
  • Guidelines for managing blood sugar, Foods to eat and foods to avoid!
  • Sample Meal plan!
By Niharika
  • (6 Reviews)
Fasting & Diet

Last Updated: 1st April 2023

  • Classes: 15
  • 59.25 Minutes

A key to balanced sustainable health

  • You will understand the difference between diet and fasting
  • You will know which is to be practiced when?
  • You will know which suits you best?
  • You will know if you need assistance
  • You can share the insights with family and peers
Obesity Reversal:- Sustainable diet secrets for a healthy weightloss

Last Updated: 18th March 2023

  • Classes: 7
  • 60 Minutes

Easy and simple strategies to overcome Obesity

  • Understanding the root causes of Obesity to target them properly.
  • Relation of Obesity and Lifestyle Diseases
  • Non- dietary factors leading to weight gain which we never think of.
  • Role of superfoods in adding wellness alongwith treating the disease
  • Changing our view point by solving some common myths about weight loss
By Nutritionist Amreen
  • (17 Reviews)
Gout and Uric Acid: Your Guide to Diet Management

Last Updated: 15th March 2023

  • Classes: 5
  • 19.73 Minutes

A complete Guide to manage your High Uric Acid levels and Gout with easy tips and guide lines.

  • A detailed insight on Uric Acid metabolism in our body in simple and understandable language by expert dietitian.
  • A complete guide to manage your diet to control your High Uric Acid levels with easy home based foods.
  • A sample menu to make it easier for you.
  • You will learn how to meet your protein requirement without increasing your uric acid level.
How To Help Your Picky Eater Child To Eat Nutritious Food

Last Updated: 29th March 2023

  • Classes: 10
  • 27 Minutes

Tricks to feed your picky eater

  • Main objective of Child Nutrition
  • Phases of Child Development
  • Behavioural aspects of Picky Eaters
  • Tackling Picky Eaters and their eating habits
  • Interesting meals for Picky Eaters
  • Initial step towards healthy habits
Power of Fasting : Unlock The Hidden Potential Of Your Mind And Body

Last Updated: 12th April 2023

  • Classes: 18
  • 101.99999999999999 Minutes

Believe in the intelligence of your body

  • Awareness about Fasting as a powerful daily practice
  • Easy to follow guide for beginners to learn fasting for holistic health and well being
  • Understand scientifically why is fasting important for everyone
  • Learn how fasting can help in living a disease free and medicine free life
  • Learn few other natural practices for a healthy living