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Instructor Revenue Share

This article outlines LivHeal’s revenue-sharing plan for the instructor plan. LivHeal seeks to create a long-term partnership with instructors and experts, where instructors and experts are rewarded for creating unique content and bringing students/users to the platform. Livheal is rewarded for creating sales for our instructors.


Instructor revenue share overview

We suggest you look at the Instructor Terms for additional information regarding LivHeal’s revenue share, a summary of the sharing plan for transactional sales is below.

Note: revenue share will apply to the Net Amount, which is the amount a student paid less any applicable taxes or fees, such as payment getaway charges and taxes imposed by the government. You can know more / get more information about Net Amount in our Instructor Terms.

Please note:


Instructors can track the course sales in their Revenue Report. Some of the information in the report includes the viewer's name, the date of purchase, and the total price paid. Learn more about the instructor revenue report.

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