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Good Bye Acidity

This course is specially for those people who suffer from Acidity and ignoring it by taking antacid pill so I will teach you the side effects of acidity and it's treatment to for your physical health, mental health and emotional health.

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What learn

  • In this course you learn how you can live a healthy life by changing your lifestyle with proper treatment of acidity by...

Course Content

4 sections • 4 lectures • 00h 17m total length
In this class I will teach you the different conditions of acidity with lots of examples.
In this class we seen different symptomus men's what do you feel when you suffer from Acidity.
Good bye Acidity
Antacid meaning is the pills or Tablet you can take to get relief from Acidy. It's having lots of side-effects.
Good bye Acidity.
Here we learn about the main part which is treatments we used to treat the acidity by Improving our physical, mental and emotional health.


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§I  have designed this course for those people who suffer from Acidity and help them to overcome from it  by my 3 treatment which is not only work on your physical health but it gives you mental and emotional health too.

In this course you will be able to understand-

●What is Acidity and what is the cause of it? we learn it by some examples or conditions.

● Symptomus of Acidity and what happen when it become chronic.

● Side effects of Antacids.

● 3 dimentional Treatment of Acidity

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