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Healthy meal replacements for weight loss

Enjoy your weight loss journey with healthy meal replacements.

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What learn

  • Learn healthy & natural meal replacement recipies
  • Formulas for designing meal replacement recipies
  • To explore new more recipies with your own food choices

Course Content

6 sections • 6 lectures • 00h 25m total length
What will you get from the course
Introduction of the Meal replacement course, brief description about what will you learn from this course
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Know about meal replacements
Description about meal replacements - What are they, What you need to know about them
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Principle of designing meal replacement recipes
What will you keep in mind while preparing meal replacement recipes
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What benefits will you get and what are the side effects
Learn what are the pros and cons of the course. Some tips that help you to follow the course.
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Substitute to replace the meal
Shakes, smoothie, salad are great option to replace meals, learn these recipes with the help of formulas.
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Sample recipe from each option
Three sample recipes : chocolate banana milkshake, blueberry avocado smoothie, quinoa mushroom avocado salad
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  • Smartphone/laptop, good internet connection, notepad, pen


    In this course learn about natural, homemade meal replacements to support your health journey.

    The meal replacements are a great tool for weight loss and they offers balanced nutrition too. Although it's a calories and portion controlled program. Still you will surely love it. As the alternatives you learn in this course are healthy and tasty too.

    The alternatives you will learn in this course are simple and flexible that you can be easily followed even in busy lifestyle also.

    This course consist of 4 modules:

1. What are meal replacements?

2. What you need to know? and rules for designing meal replacements.

3. Pros and cons of the meal replacements.

4. Options that can be used as meal replacements.

    At the end of this course, you will be able to make variety of meal replacement recipies with your own food choices. So, learn with me to prepare these homemade and healthy alternatives with proper guidance.

Eat Right,  Feel Great, Stay fit.

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