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Balanced Diet and 7 major food groups

How to loose weight with the help of balanced-diet and healthy lifestyle.

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Dt. Tejal P.Dave

Nutritionist & Dietician - Tejal’s Nutrition Platter

Dt. Tejal Dave has more than 6 years of experience with a deep understanding of diet modifications for pre & post
pregnancy,menopause consultancy.Dt. Tejal is an entrepreneur since 6 years and is a founder of Tejal’s Nutrition Platter under which she gives healthy recipes and cereal bars to her clients.Her diet plans and consultancy have helped many of her clients in achieving the desired results for the following:

1) Weight loss, Weight gain & Weight maintenance

2) PCOS/PCOD Nutritional programme

3) Child Nutrition consultancy.

4) Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Her unique way of diet consultancy makes it very easy for her clients to follow the diet regime ,wherein all the clients are suggested the diet plans and to maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost energy.

Due to her experience in Diabetes & Obesity Nutritional Programme, she has been able to achieve desired results for her clients.
Her homemade healthy cereals and energy bars which are full of fibre and proteins, are often liked by individuals of all ages.

Driven by values and passion, in addition to prescribing a healthy diet, she also gives healthy recipes to the clients to satisfy the taste
buds and ensure the complete gain on the nutritional value.

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