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Detoxify your body with herbs

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What learn

  • Introduction about the course
  • What are toxic substances?
  • Sources through which toxins enter our body
  • Why we need to detox our body?
  • How we can protect ourselves from toxins?
  • Herbal treatment of detoxification and benefits of detoxification

Course Content

5 sections • 6 lectures • 00h 29m total length
Detoxification - Description and Introduction
Knowledge about the toxins, their sources and their hazardous effects will definitely benefit you and also your family. As this knowledge will make you understand how you can reduce your exposure to chemicals/ toxins and reduce your risk of harmful health effects.
Toxic Substances and Sources through which these enter our body
To your surprise, let me tell you that hazardous chemicals are everywhere. Let me list down some hazardous chemicals or toxins that we are surrounded with: 1. Water contaminated with mercury, arsenic or lead 2. Many household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, etc are very toxic, those which have ammonia or chlorine and should be avoided. 3. Paints and paint removers 4. Liquid correction fluid with a solvent base 5. Cleaning fluid including the window cleaning fluid and also those used for our computers 6. Photocopier toner 7. Rubber cement and other glues 8. Gases and vapours that are hazardous include smoke, ammonia gas, paint vapours, gasoline vapours, carbon monoxide, natural gas and propane 9. Preservatives used in food As we use or come into contact with these chemicals/ toxins, they can enter our body through four major routes: • Inhalation – gases and airborne particulate can be breathed in through your nose or mouth. • Absorption – chemicals, including dust, smoke or vapors, can enter your body through your skin or eyes. • Ingestion – chemicals can enter your body through your mouth. • Injection – chemicals can enter your body through an accidental impact, cut or puncture to your skin.
Need to detox our body
We live in an environment where we are exposed to different types of toxins, frequent change in the weather and different types of food. The pollutants, radiations and stress we experience on a daily basis causes accumulation of toxins in the body. In fact, the detox process occurs in our body on a daily basis. However, this may not happen effectively and sometimes (due to health complications) you may not be able to flush toxins from the body. This is the reason, detoxification of your body is necessary. In today’s hectic lifestyle, our bodies are exposed to a lot of toxins through air pollution, food and water. Use of preservatives in packaged food, presence of pesticides in vegetables all lead to toxins depositing in our body. Some of the harmful effects of this toxicity are indigestion, headache, tiredness, skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, acne/pimples, liver spots, poor concentration, low immunity, etc. Exposure to these toxins can produce a health effect directly at the site of contact (local) or elsewhere in the body (systemic), and that effect can be either immediate or delayed. Area of the Body Affected: Chemicals can affect any system in the body, including respiratory (nose, air passages and lungs), digestive (mouth, throat, stomach, etc.), circulatory (heart, blood), nervous (brain, nerve cells) and reproductive (sperm, egg, etc.). Some chemicals, like acids, are nonspecific and cause damage on direct contact. Other chemicals, like gasoline, can be absorbed into the blood, and carried throughout the body. Some chemicals affect only certain target systems or target organs. Every organ system has different functions and physical characteristics. So the effect of chemicals on each system has to be evaluated slightly differently. As an example, consider three ways that chemicals can affect one system: the reproductive system. First, chemical exposure can affect a man's or woman's reproductive system by making the production of normal sperm or eggs more difficult. Second, the chemical may act directly on an unborn baby (fetus). Since chemicals can be transferred from the mother's blood to the unborn baby's blood, the fetus can be affected when the mother is exposed to certain chemicals. A pregnant woman who drinks alcohol can have a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome. The health effects can range from birth defects to learning disabilities. And finally, some chemicals can have indirect effects on the development of the fetus. For example, smoking during pregnancy can reduce the amount of oxygen to the fetus. The lack of oxygen can affect the baby's growth. Not all chemical exposures affect reproduction, but it is best to minimize exposure to all toxic substances during pregnancy. When Health Effects Will Occur Immediate health effects happen right away. They can occur directly at the site of contact or elsewhere in the body. For example, inhaled ammonia can irritate the linings of the nose, throat and lungs. Alcohol can cause dizziness. Immediate health effects are sometimes reversible and may disappear soon after the exposure stops. However, some immediate health effects do not go away; acute exposure to a corrosive substance, such as battery acid, may cause permanent damage to skin or eyes. Delayed health effects may take months or years to appear and can result from either acute or chronic exposure to a toxic substance. The delay between the exposure and the appearance of health effects is called the latency period. Delayed health effects can be reversible or permanent. Permanent effects don't go away when the exposure stops. For example, breathing asbestos over a period of time may cause lung disease. Once the lung disease begins, it will continue even if the exposure stops or decreases. Cancer is an example of a delayed health effect. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells in the body. There are many kinds of cancer. Cancer can be caused by a number of things, including exposure to toxic substances, ultraviolet sunlight and ionizing radiation. What you know can help you! Now let me tell you what are the signs that you have accumulation of toxins and your body require to detox, when you experience – • Digestive problems • Sleep disturbances • Skim problems • Bloating • Back pain • Joint pain • Hair loss • Irritability • Eye problems
Protect your body from toxins
A healthy eating plan along with plenty of fluids can help in maintaining the process of excretion from our body an aid in removing the toxic substances. • Complex carbohydrates containing whole grains, pulses, legumes, etc • Foods with healthy fats and proteins. • Fibre-containing foods –vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. • Foods that help to improve/maintain immunity. • A pinch of fresh herbs and spices to your daily cooking – ginger, garlic, turmeric, pepper, etc. • Limited amounts of healthy nuts and oilseeds. • Drink purified water. Keep yourself well hydrated. • Maintain a healthy gut by avoiding excess spices, regular intake of outside food, and including probiotics in the diet. • Lean meat or fish (boiled/steamed) regularly, and avoid fried meat and red meat. • Avoid excess fats, refined sugar, and foods high in additives and preservatives. Further, please note down the important rules to protect yourself and your family and minimize the exposure. • Before you use a product, read the label carefully and follow the instructions. Pay attention to warnings on the label. • Use proper ventilation. Ventilation means getting fresh air into your home or workplace. • When you use a toxic chemical indoors, you may wish to blow air out the window with a fan. Have another window or door open to let fresh air into the room. • If you use chemicals in your hobbies, use them outdoors or in a well- ventilated area away from your living space. • Wear appropriate protective gloves when handling chemicals. If you use substances that are harmful to breathe (like fiberglass which can lodge in the lungs), use an appropriate mask. Store chemicals safely and out of the reach of children. • Drinking water can contain harmful chemicals. Lead can leach from (dissolve out of) lead pipes or lead solder. Reduce the amount of lead in your water by using cold water and by running the water for a minute or two before using it for drinking or cooking. • You should go for a 30 min walk every day.
Detoxify your body through HERBS.
Now friends, let me tell you about Herbal product that has the benefits of 8 potent herbs that will detox your body. Le me introduce Well D Tox. Well D Tox has power of 8 herbs, 1. Neem 2. Kutki 3. Triphala 4. Babchi 5. Kalmegh 6. Varun 7. Rohitaka 8. Bhringaraj  Neem : Antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral properties helps to remove toxins from the body  Kalmegh: Helps in promoting healthy, elimination of toxins and Improves digestion  Triphala: Promotes healthy liver, Aids digestion, Colon cleanser  Rohitaka: Helps protect liver against toxins, Purifies blood and stimulates digestion  Kutki: Helps improve the functioning of liver, Promotes healthy skin  Babchi: Helps in various disorders like Vitiligo, Fight psoriasis eczema  Varun: Helps in removing the toxins from body making it healthier  Bhringaraj: Improves complexion, promotes hair growth Benefits of D-Tox  Eliminates toxins from body and cleanses your system  Purifies blood  Stimulates sluggish liver  Supports proper digestion and hence you can sleep properly  Improves acne & blemishes  Improves skin complexion  Keeps hair dark & lustrous  Improves concentration Suggested Usage and Potential Users of Well D Tox Individuals who are health conscious and skin conscious people can have Well D Tox. Also people who are consuming more of unhealthy or junk foods should consume Well D Tox. You should have 1 D Tox tablet twice a day for 30 days. You can purchase this product by contacting me . Finally, I would like to thank you for connecting with me and giving me this opportunity to guide you and help you to detoxify your body and through this course you will also be able to help your family for detoxification. Thank you.


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