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Beauty and Wellness diet: A balanced diet for Young Adults

A complete nutritional guide to nurture beauty and health.

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What learn

  • Gain the skills you need to understand to follow a balanced diet based on your body types
  • Learn how to maintain a desired body weight with simple diet tips
  • Understand and follow some rules to get glowing skin and healthy hair
  • Learn about fad diet and understand why it is not a sustainable diet
  • Enjoy simple lifestyle changes that will help you take control of your health
  • Learn how to improve your sleep problem and it's effects on your health.
  • Learn how to improve your sleep problem and it's effects on your health.

Course Content

7 sections • 13 lectures • 00h 36m total length
Objective of this course
The objective of this course is to aware the youngsters about a healthy life style. How can they improve their physical and mental health by simple diet tips and exercise.
2 mins 07 second
Pre - Wedding Diet tips for a bride-to- be
Some very simple diet and life style modifications tips for a bride- to- be, that must be followed before 6 months of their wedding date to look elegant on special day.
7 mins 53 seconds
Know your body type and start a balanced diet. Part 1
We all have a unique body type. People are born with an inherited body type based on skeletal frame and body composition. Someone can loose/ gain weight easily, someone has to put a lot effort for the same. To loose or gain your weight, you must need to know about your body type, because it helps to plan your required diet and fitness goal.
4 mins 48 seconds
Know your body type and start your Balanced Diet Part 2
3 mins 24 seconds
Secret diet for Glowing Skin
3 mins 33 seconds
Fight your hair problems Naturally
5 mins 19 seconds
Get to know about fad diet and it's long time effects on health
3 mins
Sample Meal plan: what to eat in a day
2 mins 47 second
As this is a general advice and meal plan. If you have any medical condition, Please take advice from your doctor or dietitian before follow any diet plan. Take a personalized/ customized diet plan from a dietitian.
Protein Salad Recipe
A beauty and Wellness recipe that is very simple and easy to make and it is a Best option when you are loosing your weight.
1 mins 44 seconds
Herbal tea recipe
Herbal tea helps to boost your immunity and metabolic rate that increases the fat burning process. Very simple and easy to make with lots of medicinal properties.
2 mins 10 second
What happens when you don't get enough sleep
3 mins 56 seconds
Do's and Don'ts for life style modifications
1 mins 21 second


  • *No prior knowledge *A good internet connection *A smart phone * A great enthusiasm


Slow and steady wins the race. It is applied on every field of our life. In term of achieving healthy life style too.

I am dietitian Tripti Gupta MSc. in dietetics and food service management. I have been always eager to put diet over medicine and making the society believe that a healthy a balanced diet go along with your physical and mental health. So Eat your food as your medicine otherwise you have to eat medicine as your food.

You have to be very consistent in term of eating habits, exercise and life style to achieve a long term goal of holistic development:  Physical development ,Mental development ,Emotional development and Social development.It includes all the aspects of healthy life.

 Objective of the course:

‏ I have created this course to spread awareness in young generation. Just by simple life style modification, they can maintain their desired body weight, healthy skin and hair.

Apart from this, the course will also make them understand that there is no short cut to achieve a healthy life style. So do not go for a crash diet and fad diet just because it promises for a best result in less time without any physical activity. Their long term effects are undesirable.

I have also provided some simple recipes like protein salad recipe and herbal tea recipe to add some extra points in you Beauty and Wellness journey.

 Course contents:

 The course includes 41 mins 56 sec on demand video. 7 sectios and 12 lectures

Who can get benefit from this course :

 *Anyone who wish to look Fit and Fabulous.

*Who wants to loose/ gain or maintain a desirable body weight.

*Who wish to get glowing skin and healthy hair with simple diet.                                                               





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