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Detoxification Courses

  • 6 Classes
  • 29 Minutes
  • 0 Students

Detoxify your body with herbs

  • 199.00₹ 
  • (29 Reviews)
What learn
  • Introduction about the course
  • What are toxic substances?
  • Sources through which toxins enter our body
  • Why we need to detox our body?
  • How we can protect ourselves from toxins?
  • Herbal treatment of detoxification and benefits of detoxification
  • 7 Classes
  • 34 Minutes
  • 1 Students

You May Remove Bodily Toxins with Diet and Lifestyle Changes Over time, our bodies slowly pick up toxins − small molecules,..

  • 499.00₹ 
  • (15 Reviews)
What learn
  • You will learn how to do a precise and deep detox that will improve your health.
  • You will gain the tools to lose weight immediately.
  • You will know how to clean out and restart your system.
  • You will know how to test and rid of parasites from your body and life.
  • You will know how to stop sugar and carb cravings for good.
  • You will know how to eat the exact foods in your body according to your blood type.
  • You will know the true meaning of diet for the first time in your life.