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  • 31 Classes
  • 236 Minutes
  • 5 Students

Discover expert tips & home remedies for healthy hair! Learn the best ways to nurture your hair with our comprehensive course.

  • 750.00₹ 
  • (6 Reviews)
What learn
  • Understanding Healthy Hair Roots
  • Mastering Home Remedies
  • Adopting Healthy Hair Habits
  • Nurturing Full, Healthy Hair
  • Guiding Principles of Hair Health
  • Creating Your Healthy Hair Guide
  • 17 Classes
  • 126 Minutes
  • 6 Students

Learn the secrets behind maintaining healthy and lustrous hair through scientifically-proven techniques. Discover how to nurture your hair using expert methods,..

  • 550.00₹ 
  • (6 Reviews)
What learn
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of hair structure and composition.
  • Understand common hair problems and their underlying causes.
  • Learn expert techniques to strengthen and nourish hair.
  • Explore natural remedies and products for optimal hair care.
  • Discover strategies for managing and preventing hair damage.
  • Develop personalized haircare routines tailored to individual needs.
  • 29 Classes
  • 216 Minutes
  • 5 Students

Enhance your hairstyling skills & Discover professional tips, tricks, and methods to create stunning hairstyles that will leave a lasting impression.

  • 499.00₹ 
  • (5 Reviews)
What learn
  • Master essential hairstyling techniques for creating beautiful hairdos.
  • Understand different hair types and textures to adapt techniques accordingly.
  • Create versatile looks suitable for various occasions and preferences.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and incorporate them into your hairstyling repertoire.
  • Provide outstanding client experiences through effective communication and consultation.
  • 13 Classes
  • 101 Minutes
  • 5 Students

Are you passionate about hairstyling? Do you dream of transforming dull and lifeless hair into stunning masterpieces? If you're ready to take your hairstyling s..

  • 950.00₹ 
  • (5 Reviews)
What learn
  • Master essential hairstyling techniques
  • Develop an artistic vision in hairstyling
  • Expand repertoire of hairstyles for various occasions
  • Enhance professionalism in the hairstyling industry
  • Understand the science and structure of hair
  • Gain proficiency in braiding and creating updos
  • 22 Classes
  • 164 Minutes
  • 8 Students

Master the art of preventing hair fall naturally at home and regain your luscious locks Join 'Learn How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately at Home for Females' now!

  • 500.00₹ 
  • (8 Reviews)
What learn
  • Understanding the Factors Behind Hair Fall
  • Debunking Hair Fall Myths
  • Natural Remedies and DIY Solutions
  • Optimizing Nutrition for Hair Health
  • Tailored Hair Care Regimen
  • Boosting Self-Confidence and Well-Being
  • 31 Classes
  • 233 Minutes
  • 8 Students

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome common hair-related challenges and achieve luscious, vibrant locks. Whet..

  • 449.00₹ 
  • (9 Reviews)
What learn
  • Understand the causes of hair loss.
  • Learn effective techniques to manage hair loss.
  • Discover essential nutrients and vitamins for hair health.
  • Explore natural remedies and products for hair care.
  • Gain insights into proper hair care practices and styling techniques.
  • Develop personalized hair care routines based on individual needs.
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