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  • 21 Classes
  • 162 Minutes
  • 5 Students

Learn the art of the everyday makeup routine in Hindi. Master techniques for a fresh and flawless look. Join our course to discover the secrets of natural and r..

  • 499.00₹ 
  • (5 Reviews)
What learn
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential makeup products and tools.
  • Learn techniques for creating a flawless base with the right foundation and concealer.
  • Enhance facial features through natural-looking contouring and highlighting.
  • Master eyeshadow styles and eyeliner techniques for mesmerizing eyes.
  • Develop skills to shape and define eyebrows that complement your face.
  • Choose the perfect lip colour to complete your everyday look.
  • 25 Classes
  • 188 Minutes
  • 8 Students

Discover the secrets to achieving a flawless everyday makeup look with our Step-by-Step Guide to Quick and Easy Everyday Makeup in Hindi. This comprehensive cou..

  • 950.00₹ 
  • (8 Reviews)
What learn
  • Understand the fundamental principles of everyday makeup application.
  • Learn how to create a flawless base for your everyday makeup look.
  • Discover the art of enhancing your features through contouring and highlighting techniques.
  • Master the application of eye makeup for a natural, everyday look.
  • Gain knowledge of choosing and applying the right lip products for various occasions.
  • Develop time-saving strategies and hacks to streamline your everyday makeup routine.
  • 18 Classes
  • 135 Minutes
  • 11 Students

Discover the secrets to achieving a natural and flawless base. Learn essential techniques, expert tips, and tricks to enhance your makeup skills and achieve a f..

  • 550.00₹ 
  • (11 Reviews)
What learn
  • Understand the importance of foundation in makeup application.
  • Learn various foundation types and their suitability for different skin types.
  • Master the art of colour matching for a seamless complexion.
  • Discover techniques for prepping and priming the skin before foundation application.
  • Learn different tools and techniques for achieving a flawless base.
  • Gain insights into contouring and highlighting techniques to enhance facial features.
  • 18 Classes
  • 137 Minutes
  • 9 Students

Master the art of special occasion makeup with expert techniques for a glamorous look. Elevate your skills in special makeup with this course!

  • 600.00₹ 
  • (10 Reviews)
What learn
  • Precision and Detail
  • Adaptability
  • Enhancing Features
  • Colour Theory Mastery
  • Longevity and Durability
  • Creative Exploration
  • 20 Classes
  • 149 Minutes
  • 15 Students

Looking to enhance your makeup skills for special occasions? Join our comprehensive course on essential techniques for special occasion makeup application, from..

  • 800.00₹ 
  • (15 Reviews)
What learn
  • Learn essential techniques for special occasion makeup application.
  • Develop a deep understanding of different skin types, tones, and textures.
  • Master the art of creating flawless base and contouring techniques.
  • Enhance skills in eye makeup application, including eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • Perfect lip makeup techniques, including lip liner application and long-lasting formulas.
  • Gain proficiency in creating various makeup styles, from natural to glamorous.
  • Explore advanced techniques for special effects makeup.
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