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Welcome to Livheal, where health seekers have made us the fastest growing health information site, with over 150 million people turning to us every month. At Livheal, we are committed to being your ultimate source of reliable health information and support. Whether you're here to expand your knowledge about a specific health condition, conduct research on medications, connect with like-minded individuals in our vibrant communities, or simply seek tips for a healthier and happier lifestyle, rest assured, you've come to the right place. Our platform offers a wealth of informative, easy-to-understand, and engaging content to cater to your diverse needs. At, we take pride in our compassionate team of professionals who genuinely care about people. We understand that navigating the world of health can be overwhelming, and that's why we're here to offer guidance and support every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence is backed by data, as evidenced by Google Analytics, where we have steadily grown since our inception. As of October 2022, our reach and impact have only expanded, making us a reliable and trustworthy partner in your health journey. So, whether you're a health enthusiast, a patient seeking answers, or someone looking to make positive changes in your life, is here to empower and uplift you. Join our thriving community and discover a world of valuable health resources, tailored to your needs. Trust to be your steadfast companion on your path to better health and well-being. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a happier and healthier life.

Dt. Priti Bhatia

I am a clinical Dietician working in this field more than 17 years. I am founder and owner of De’ health Planet Weight loss Clinic,where I support people to achieve their health goals. Nutrition is my passion. I love to write and impart knowledge regarding nutrition. My aim is to use my knowledge experience to help people in making their life better and disease free in today’s stressful world. How I help people I help people by making their customised diet plan as per their body type and their requirement without much changing their daily routines. I focus on providing easy and home made diets which they can easity use in their daily life without much efforts. Alnog with that i prefer doing one one counselling to understand their problems so that i can find out a solution. As i said i am a certified yoga teacher too so i guide which yogasana is better for them to get their results.

Dt. Anjali Khanna

I am Dt. Anjali Khanna , a post graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics from Delhi University. I am a practicing nutritionist having more than 23 years of experience in weight management counselling, diet planning according to lifestyle and medical condition, innovative product development, health foods and nutritional supplementation.

Dt. Anupama Jain

I’m Anupama Jain. I’m a Dietitian, Lifestyle Management Consultant and Nutrition Communicator who loves eating and cooking delicious food while balancing that with good health. I founded Healthy Bites in the hopes of helping empower people to make healthful eating a natural and fun part of their lifestyle. I am a Gold medalist in M.Sc. Organic chemistry. I have profound knowledge of Human anatomy and physiology, chemicals and medicines………But because of my tremendous interest in food and nutrition and my passion to cook, I have completed my International Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition.I am a Certified Weight Management Specialist and a Yoga Trainer as well.

Dt. Monicka Bhatnaggar

Monicka Bhatnaggar is a Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle coach. She holds a Master's degree in Food & Nutrition with Clinical working experience in reputed hospitals in Delhi. With her strong belief in the philosophy "Prevention is better than Cure" she founded NUTRIIZION ( Holistic wellness clinic), to create awareness and empower people to take care of their health and well being themselves, remain disease-free and medicine-free. Her approach to well being is an amalgamation of ayurvedic and natural healing practises and alternate therapies that she practices. She is also a certified Reiki healer and Angel healing therapist. She has keen interest in Numerology, Vaastu, Tarot card reading and has guided many improve their quality of life. Her mission is to help people transform their life in all areas - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She specializes in Holistic lifestyle coaching, Kid's nutrition and wellness, Preventive wellness, Gut health and weight loss. Her easy to follow approach is based on 4 pillars - Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Emotions.

Our Core Values:

At LivHeal, our core values guide every aspect of our work: 1. Empowerment: We empower individuals with knowledge, tools, and resources to take charge of their health and well-being. 2. Compassion: We approach every interaction with empathy and understanding, creating a safe space for personal growth and healing. 3. Innovation: We continuously explore new ideas and technologies to evolve and improve our offerings, ensuring our community stays at the forefront of holistic well-being. 4. Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, maintaining transparency, and trust in all our relationships. 5. Unity: We believe in the power of unity and collaboration, working together with our community to create a positive and transformative impact on the world








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Your overall health and fitness determines the quality of your life, thus our experts believe that a holistic healthcare programme is the best way possible to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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